5 Cool LED Lighting Ideas to Spice Up Your Home This Holiday Season

There’s a chill in the air, bright sparkling lights around El Paso, and the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg wafting around the house. It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays are rolling in, so much that many of us are pulling out the holiday decorations to make our homes feel festive.

Although getting your home ready for the season can be a lot of fun, setting up old fairy lights that are starting to look dull and boring could take the joy away from the experience. It’s about time to step up your holiday decoration game and switch to LED lights.

Follow these 5 tips to give your home a lighting makeover in time of the yuletide season.

Light Christmas Tree

Wow everyone by making a Christmas tree out of LED fairy lights and some chicken wire. Just build a structure of a Christmas tree, drape a few sets of LED fairy lights over it, and light the whole thing up.

Since have the solid-state technology of LEDs makes them more rugged than your usual string lights, you can place your Christmas light tree outside your home, provided it’s protected against rain and snow—although you can always get outdoor string lights for this very purpose.

Don’t be afraid to experiment by using fairy lights that can emit different colors of light for an exciting look. Of course, you can always choose a single color for that elegant and contemporary vibe.

Lighted Wreaths

Similar to the Christmas tree idea, you can use a round base and wrap a set of LED fairy lights around it to create a beautiful lighted wreath. Get creative with the base. You can use everything from a simple wooden hoop or even a one made of wire or aluminum cans. Add the usual accents on a wreath like mistletoes and flowers and hang these on your door or somewhere inside your home.

Make Your Own LED Garlands

Create a unique garland out of a couple of arts and crafts supplies you probably already have at home. You can make a garland out of Dixie cups, ping-pong balls, and even small paper lanterns. String up a couple of LED fairy lights with some decorative details and hang your garland as a centerpiece in your home.

Glowing Ornaments

Give your holiday ornaments an extra dose of drama by using battery powered LED tea lights. They’re perfect to use with small ornaments, which will now emit a soft glow that’s enough to make them ‘pop’ in your living spaces. Battery-powered LED tea lights generally give off a soft light, perfect for creating a soothing or romantic atmosphere in your living spaces.

Light Up Your Outdoor Spaces with LED Strip Lights

The durability and flexible profile of LED strip lights make them perfect for outdoor spaces. For starters, you can line the edges of your roof with strip lights to create a bright and welcoming glow at night. Position them along your walkway, the porch, your backyard, or anywhere else you feel needs just a bit more light. And because LED strip lights generate very little heat, you don’t have to worry about your little light show burning down the house.

And don’t forget, the best thing about using LEDs to decorate your home for the holidays is their remarkable energy efficiency. So, even if you’re using more artificial lights in the weeks leading up to the holidays, you don’t have to worry about a marked increase in your next utility bill.